Mission To serve meals provided by parishioners for the family at the Hope House after a funeral.
Activities Solicit dishes from parishioners and serve meals
Meetings As needed
Leader Judie Scott

Mission Coffee and Donuts after Sunday Masses and Religious Education. Allow parishioners to get acquainted and have discussions.
Activities Make Coffee, pick up donuts, mix lemonade, put out serving items, serve donuts, cleanup including taking out garbage, setting up chairs.
Meetings Evangelization 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Leader HT Ladies' Guild - Judie Scott

Mission To provide a Christ-centered "healing and wellness presence to our parishioners through a ministry of preventative health care, health education, and spiritual support.
Activities Monthly blood pressure checks and glucose screenings, annual Flu shot clinic and blood drive, plus educational programs throughout the year.
Leader Dale Huffner, RN

Mission Fundraising and social activities to support the Parish
Activities Bunko; Dinners; annual garage sale
Meetings Evangelization 2nd Thursday of every month.

Mission Fundraisers for charity
Activities Parish fundraisers, First Friday devotion, social activities
Meetings 2nd Thursday of the month, social meeting on the 4th Thursday
Leader Tim O'Conner

Mission Allow parishioners to get acquainted and have discussions.
Activities Create a welcoming environment with food and hoSpitality after first Saturday Masses, name tags, cleanup, take out garbage, and set up chairs.
Leader Hatsi McCormick

Mission To welcome all newcomers to our parish.
Activities Prepare newcomer folders with information about our parish. Contact newcomers and make them feel welcome in our parish.
Meetings This ministry falls under Evangelization and meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Leader Bob and Amy Zupan