Fr. David Boroff was born in Southern California and grew up there as an only child until he was 12. Fr. David began discerning a priestly vocation when he was eight years old and it always stayed in the back of his mind. Sadly, his father left the family, so they moved to Nashville, Tennessee where Fr. David attended Fr. Ryan High School. After graduating he began college in Houston Texas, and at the same time his mother was transferred to Dallas Texas, where she is currently living. She is a registered nurse, with a Doctorate in her field and is now teaching nursing at a university.

Fr. David ended up transferring to the University of Dallas where he graduated with a B.A in Philosophy in 2000. He then when on to post graduate studies in philosophy at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. In 2004, he moved to Lincoln Nebraska where he discerned a possible religious vocation with the Fraternity of St Peter. After four years there Fr. David realized that God was not calling him to the religious life so he left Nebraska and moved back to Texas where he finished his doctorate in Philosophy through an online program.

Fr. David then moved to Colorado Springs and after some prayer, time, and with the invitation of Bishop Sheridan, he joined the diocese in August of 2010. He had one year of Theology studies left which he completed at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. Upon his completion of studies, he did a pastoral year at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Castle Rock and then at St. Paul’s. Fr. David was ordained a Deacon in May of 2012 where he was first assigned to the Cathedral, and then to St Gabriel’s, and finally to St Peter’s. Fr. David was ordained a Priest on June 1, 2013, and assigned as parochial vicar to Ave Maria parish in Parker where he was blessed to teach in the school, religious education and be involved in parish life. In 2016 Bishop asked him to take over as pastor at St. Mary’s of the Rockies in Bailey. On July 1, 2018, Fr. David became Pastor of Holy Trinity. His installation Mass was August 5, 2018.

Some of the things Fr. David likes to do are recreational target shooting, reading a good book, exercising, catching a good movie, watching college football or MLB, doing some outdoor stuff and grilling. He is a Dodger fan in baseball (sorry Rockies fans) and a UCLA, USC, and Texas fan in both college football and basketball. He also enjoys being invited over for a meal or a gathering as a way to meet and get to know new people in the parish. He has no dietary restrictions but he is not a fan of Brussels sprouts.